Unlocking Your Home Dreams: Meet Jodie Winters, Your Mortgage Maven

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 With over two decades of unwavering dedication to the mortgage lending realm, Jodie Winters shines as a seasoned pro known for her unparalleled commitment to her clients' prosperity. Licensed in Arizona, California, Texas, and Tennessee, her resourcefulness, flair for creativity, and unwavering resilience have forged her reputation as the go-to partner for individuals from all walks of life.

Throughout her illustrious career, Jodie has consistently demonstrated her mastery of mortgage origination, seamlessly navigating the complex landscape of industry regulations while unveiling innovative financing solutions. Her expertise spans an array of loan types, including Jumbo loans, down payment assistance, FHA, conventional, and VA loans.

What sets Jodie alight is her deeply rooted, client-centric philosophy. She's a firm believer in the transformative power of open communication, delivering regular updates, and being readily accessible to shepherd clients through every twist and turn of the loan journey. Her knack for connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds and offering tailor-made guidance underscores her unwavering dedication to their financial aspirations.

Jodie thrives in adversity, consistently engineering solutions to intricate lending scenarios. Her impressive track record of triumph in even the most challenging circumstances is a testament to her boundless resilience and unyielding determination.

As a proud Fountain Hills, Arizona, resident since February 2009, Jodie possesses an intimate grasp of the local home buying landscape, finely attuned to the distinct needs of both sellers and buyers. In her personal life, her two sons, aged 21 and 24, share her passion for athleticism, actively engaging in community initiatives.

When not in the Arizona desert, Jodie is often found basking in leisurely visits to Hawaii, a locale of profound personal significance where she celebrated her nuptials in 2012. Jodie Winters isn't merely a mortgage lender; she's a devoted partner who invests her heart and soul into the triumph of her clients. Her knack for adaptation, innovation, and perpetual skill elevation render her an invaluable luminary in the dynamic world of mortgage lending.

In an industry perpetually in flux, Jodie steadfastly stands at the forefront of knowledge. Her unwavering commitment to professional growth drives her to seek out every opportunity for learning and development, ensuring she remains the key to your financial empowerment and a cherished member of your community.

Jodie Winters

Mortgage Consultant

On Q Financial 

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Cell: (480) 334-0808

Email: jodie.winters@onqfinancial.com

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