In a world where heroes often go unsung, where the bravest among us willingly stand on the frontlines to protect our communities and defend our nation, there exists a profound duty to honor and support these remarkable individuals. Personally, this commitment goes beyond mere obligation. It is a personal calling that runs through the veins of my family. 

The unbreakable bond I share with first responders and military personnel is more than a connection. My husband served as a SWAT officer for the Phoenix Police Department, and my son and brother are currently dedicating their lives to the United States Air Force. It’s a commitment I have embraced in my own way, as a realtor, vowing to give back a portion of my commission to support those who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding ours.

This article isn’t just about financial contributions; it’s a tribute to the heroes who have put their lives on the line and a testament to the importance of standing beside those who bravely stand for us.  

Here are the five reasons why this commitment is so essential:


1. A Personal Mission


This journey starts with a deeply personal mission. Each time I close a real estate deal, I'm not just thinking about the commission; I'm thinking about the heroes who have touched my life and the lives of countless others. For me, giving back is about honoring their service and sacrifice.


2. Choosing Meaningful Causes


I don't take my responsibility lightly. I carefully select organizations and charities that align with my values and ensure that the funds I donate go directly to programs that make a difference in the lives of first responders and military personnel. I want to make every dollar count.

3. Openness and Accountability


Being transparent about my commitment to giving back is essential. I share my story with my clients and colleagues because I want them to understand why this cause is so important to me. I'm proud to let them know that part of their real estate journey with me is contributing to something bigger than a transaction.


4. Integration into My Business


My commitment to giving back isn't just a side project; it's woven into the very fabric of my real estate business. I take pride in knowing that when people work with me, they're not just closing a deal; they're indirectly supporting the heroes who protect our communities and nation.


5. Inspiring Others


I've been inspired by my own family's journey, and it's my hope that I can inspire others too. I actively encourage my colleagues in real estate and other industries to consider their own ways of giving back. I believe in the power of sharing my story to ignite that spark in others' hearts.


My commitment to giving back a portion of my real estate commission to support first responders and military personnel is deeply personal.  It's not about numbers; it's about expressing my gratitude and respect for those who have touched my life in profound ways.


I believe that each of us has the capacity to make a difference through our work, and by sharing my authentic story, I hope to inspire others to join this mission. Together, we can create a ripple effect of support for our heroes, reminding them that they are appreciated and that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.